The Connecticut Oral Health Initiative is here to make oral health for all a goal for all Connecticut residents. If you wish to learn about daily teeth care, what to expect out of a dental appointment, the connection between oral health and your overall health, visit the links below:

Infants & Babies (0-2 years)

Children (3-18 years)

Pregnant Women


Older Adults

  • Area Agency on Aging
    The Department of Aging makes sure that CT’s elders have access to the supportive services they need to live with dignity, security, and independence.
  • Project Good Oral Health
    A prominent aspect of the project is to develop a group of informed older adult oral health advocates who will both participate in improving geriatric oral health services and quality of life among those 50 and over in the Greater Hartford and Meriden area.

Persons with Special Needs


Oral Health & Diabetes

  • WebMD
    Online health and dental resource.
  • The Department of Public Health
    CT Department of Public Health’s mission is to protect and improve the health and safety of CT’s residents.
  • Mayo Clinic
    Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life.

Oral Health & Heart Disease

Oral Health & Smoking

Do you have questions about the resources found here? Contact the Connecticut Oral Health Initiative using our convenient contact form. We seek to help provide oral health education, resources, and information for residents throughout the entirety of Connecticut.